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"Chris is incredibly dynamic the way she brings yoga and counseling together. She has a deep love of what she does and it shines through. Chris is an insightful counselor bringing presence, mindfulness and awareness to her work. She is both a superb counselor as well as yogini. The way she combined the two was deeply effective for me."

Avril B. Ashalnd OR


"Chris is an exceptionally gifted teacher, healer and guide. Anyone who is privledged to work with her will be foundationally transformed and experience a freedome of heart, mind and spriit."

Tasha M. Boone NC


"A friend of mine told me about Chris. She enjoyed it so much I thought I’d try. She stresses that we pay attention to how our body feel’s and encourages us to push it to the edge but not further. I have never felt judged, just encouraged. She gives personal attention. I feel we are very fortunate to have access to yoga that gives such personal attention. Chris is amazing."

Marty Turlington

Boone, NC



"Chris is a sensitive and intuitive teacher, able to guide this newcomer through the spiritual and psychological aspects of yoga, in addition to the physical.  She is attentive to any difficulties with poses I might be having and to areas in which I want to improve.  With her guidance and encouragement, I have been able to approach this new endeavor with growing confidence and find it an indispensable part of my week.  I’m applying the lessons I’m learning from her to other areas of my life. It’s been a transformative experience, due to her gifted teaching."


Boone, NC


"If I had to describe Chris in one word, I would choose "welcoming;" she is open to whatever is needed, and invites your voice to be heard.  I really appreciated being able to say, "I would rather do it this way instead..." and Chris easily adjusted and tailored the format of our sessions to my needs.  She brings a warmth and sense of humor that allows therapeutic "work" to become, instead, deep play."

Boone NC

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