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my story


How yoga changed my life!

Growing up, I always wondered what my purpose was and why people acted the way they did. I felt a deep sense of "not enough" and wanted to prove my worth.  I believed, if I could just figure out how to do this I would be happy.  I felt I was somehow failing at life itself and falling behind. These fears, beliefs and misunderstandings led me to psychology to gain understanding of myself and the world. Traditional western psychology helped me understand WHY I felt the way I did and even why others acted the way they did. However this only seem to feed my beleifs of not enough and gave me more labels for my pathologies.


It wasn't until I discovered through yoga and buddhist philosphy that this "trance of unworthiness" is actually the human condition. Our culture magnifies this condition and acutally profits off of it.  The feeling of discontent and disconnect I felt, was not only my story, but the story of so many others. The deep yearning for something more, a greater meaning, a greater purpose is known in sanskit as Samvega. 


"Samvega is a complex state involving a kind of disillusionment with mundance life, and a wholehearted longing for a deeper investigation into the inner workings of the mind and the self. It involves three clusters of feelings at once; the oppressive sense of shock, dismay and alienation that come with realizing the futility a meaninglessness of life as it's normally lived, a chastening sense of our own complacency and foolishness in having let ourselves live so blindly, and an anxious sense of urgency in trying to find a way out of the meaningless cycle. Samvega is a developmental state not mentioned in Western psyhological texts. It brings with it a realization that objects of grasping (money, fine things, titles, fame, even people-when seen as objects) cannot supply any true satisfaction.  It involves a radical realization that all objects are intrinsically empty of the capacity to feed us in the way we really want or need to be fed. " The Wisdom of Yoga, by Stephen Cope.


 When we realize what we once thought would bring us happiness is not working, we may feel anxious, depressed, stressed, alone, confused and conflicted about our life and our purpose.  Yoga gives us the tools to awaken and live our true nature. 


My journey led me to receive a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, 300hr yoga teacher traning, DBT(dialectical behavioral therapy, based on Zen Buddhist philosophy) certification, Holistic Health Coach certification from Institute of Integrative Nutrition, National Certified Counselor, and Yoga Alliance  ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with over 1000 hrs instructing). I am an LPC (Licensced Professional Counselor) through the state of North Carolina Board Certified #10527.


I am honored to be able to share my practice with you and assist you on your journey to deeper awakening.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!



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